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Calcium and Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs) for dogs

For puppies and adult dogs

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All dog parents feeding raw diets to their dogs struggle finding the right amount of raw meaty bones (RMBs) to be included in the diets. Getting right amount of bone content and then calculating its meat, bone and calcium content is a huge task. It needs re-calculation every time you prepare a meal.

Questions which come to our mind:

1. What RMB should I choose for my dog?

2. How much bone does chicken leg, whole duck, pork feet etc. have?

3. How much RMB should I include in each diet?

4. How much calcium will my dog get from RMB?


This calculator answers all the above questions and many more. 


Understand the calculator:

Input Parameters: 

Daily food intake: This is the total weight of the dog's daily diet. It generally ranges from 2% - 5% of the dog's weight. The calculators take this daily diet weight in grams (g) or ounces (oz). Also, the numbers has to be between 0 and 3000.


Raw diet bone percentage: The RMB has to be a percentage of the total diet based on the dog's needs. See below how to choose the right percentage of RMB for your dog.

Raw meaty bone (RMB): Choose the type of raw meaty bone you want to give to your dog. Each RMB will have different combination of meat and bone. All RMBs might not have calcium data available.

Output Parameters:

Daily edible bone amount: This is the amount of bone content your dog should each day as per your choices. It is nothing but (raw diet bone %) x (daily food intake).  So, if you feed 100 oz of daily raw diet with 5% as bone percentage then your dogs daily edible bone amount should be 100 x 5% = 5oz of bone amount.

RMB Total Amount: This is the total amount of raw meaty bone (RMB) you need to give to your dog to fulfil your dog's daily bone requirement. As, all the RMBs do not have just the bones, so this calculator calculates the total amount of RMB your need to feed daily. 

RMB total amount = (daily edible bone amount ) / (bone content in RMB)

Consider you need to feed 20g of bone amount every day and the RMB you choose has only 40% of bone. Rest is meat. RMB total amount = 20/0.4 = 50g. So, you need to feed at least 50g of that RMB to ensure you fulfil your dog's daily bone requirement.

Bone, Meat, Calcium in total: Now each RMB has some meat content too. That needs to be adjusted in the meat requirement of your dog. So, we provide the bone, meat and calcium content in the total RMB amount.

How to choose the right RMB % for your dog?

Raw meaty bones provide essential calcium for a balanced raw diet. Raw diet ratios include 10-15% bone content for dogs. It depends on the calcium requirement for the dog.

What RMBs are covered in this calculator?

Whole chicken, chicken head, chicken neck, chicken wing, chicken rib cages, chicken back, chicken foot, chicken breast, chicken leg, chicken leg quarter, chicken thigh, whole duck, duck head, duck frame, duck neck, duck wing, duck foot, lamb neck, lamb ribs, pork feet, pork ribs, whole rabbit, whole turkey, turkey neck, turkey wing, turkey back, turkey breast, turkey thigh, turkey leg.

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