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Dog Calorie Calculator

For healthy dogs of all ages and breed (not for pregnant & lactating females)

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Dog BCS 

Dog calorie calculator explained

UnoDogs dog calorie calculator takes basic data of your dog like breed, age, weight, and body condition score and uses the well established and veterinary recommended formulas to calculate the right calorie intake for your dog.


Formulas behind:


Calorie formula => Daily dog calories  = (base multiplier) * (target weight in kgs) ^ 0.75


Base multiplier ranges from 70 to 100 and is dependent on age, spayed or not, and other health-related factors.


Ideal weight is calculated based on the current weight and body condition score of the dog.


The formula is well known and accepted among veterinarians worldwide and has been widely used for many many decades.


Calculator Output: 

Daily resting calories: Number of calories your dog needs in a day for internal metabolism in resting state for whole the day

Ideal dog weight by BCS: Ideal weight the dog should be at based on its BCS 

Ideal adult dog weight by breed: Ideal weight range provided by American Kennel Club (AKC)

Additional activity calories: The calculator does not consider any activity in daily resting calories. So, these calories need to be added to ‘daily resting calories’ to get the total ideal calorie intake for your dog. Consider this basis the exercise your dog’s get 

How and when to use it?


For your dog, you can use this calorie calculator in many ways. It can help you set calorie targets for various life stage and fitness related goals you have for your furry friend. 


Below are some of the most common use cases of our dog calorie calculator.


  1. I want to put my overweight dog on a diet. How many calories should I feed?


First thing first. Get an accurate reading of the body condition score (BCS) of your dog and the current weight. For BCS refer here. 


Once you have all the details. Enter the details into our calorie calculator. You will get how many resting calories your dog needs and how much additional calories you should feed him for every 1 hour of daily exercise or play.


For an overweight dog, we suggest to decrease the current calories and reach the resting calories target in 3-4 days. You may use our android mobile app to log all the meal and exercise details.



  2. I have adopted a dog and she is very malnourished and underweight. I want to put her on a weight gain program.


For a full detailed program, we suggest you go through our blog page. Once you have the right BCS score and weight of your dog. You can use our calculator to get to the resting calories she will need. 


Please note: Do not over-exercise your weak dog. Feed quality dog food with the right calories and your dog will reach the right weight in no time.


 3.  I want to know the right calories for my growing puppy? 


If your dog is below 15 months of age, we recommend you to use our puppy growth tracker. That way you will not only get her current caloric requirements but also how it should be increased in the coming months to support the right growth. 


You can find our puppy growth calculator here(coming soon).


 4. We have adopted a fit dog and we want to know how much we should feed him?


First, get the right BCS score for your dog. You can find it here. Get the current weight. Use our calorie calculator to get the calorie requirements and how you can push it with each hour of daily exercise.


We recommend, you also check our dog food portion analyzer. It will help you get an idea of how much and what dog food you should feed.


 5. I want to put my dog under a heavy exercise routine. How should I modify her diet?


We recommend you to get resting calories from our calorie calculator above and then use our exercise calorie burn calculator to get a more specific idea of how many calories you should be adding to your dog’s diet.


When not to use it? 


Our algorithm does not consider :

  1. Pregnant or lactating females whose nutritional requirement are a little different 

    1. If you just need calorie estimates than you may use our calculator and then increase the resting calories by 20% to 50% (but do research well)

  2. Puppy under 4 months

  3. Dogs with health issues and allergies


We are not just any calculator


We are not any other dog calorie calculator on the internet but we do the following stuff to keep us updated and provide more value to our customers:

  1. We do not throw at you a dog weight chart by breed and ask you to do more painful research

    1. We provide you AKC breed weight standard right with your calorie calculations

  2. We work on a huge database of dog food and treats and we also know how much people generally feed their dogs (from our UnoDogs mobile application)

    1. That way we are regularly improving our algorithm and that makes us one of the most accurate dog calorie calculator

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