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Dog Exercise Calculator

Get daily calorie burn for major exercise types

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The dog exercise calculator is built to help dog parents to decide which exercise they can choose and what intensity they should follow so the dog can burn the right amount of calories. 


The exercise calculator takes the following inputs and suggests the calories burn for each exercise entry made:


  1. Choose the exercise type, duration, and intensity (#1 is mandatory; #2 & #3 are optional)

  2. Input the current weight


Basis the above selection we calculate how much calories the dog burn will burn during the given exercise(s).


This information can have numerous use cases. Some of the applications are discussed below:


  1. Dog weight loss program: You want to develop a weight loss program. You know what calories you should feed your dog (if not visit our calorie calculator) and want to increase the exercise gradually. Now you need some indication what kind of calories your dog is going to burn so you can adjust her feed and exercise accordingly.

  2. Dog weight gain program: You want to develop a weight gain program for your dog. And you want some indication on how much calories she burns so you can adjust her exercise and feed program.

  3. Dog exercise plan: You want to develop a new exercise plan for your dog and you need some indication on how much calories she might burn so you can adjust her calories accordingly.


There might be other motivations to use this calculator. So, we encourage you to use these tools at your hand and make informed decisions for your furry family.

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