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Meal planner for
homemade dog food.

Prepare nutritional & tasty meals 

Prepare meals

Prepare meals as per AAFCO guidelines or customize it as per your vet's recommendation.

List of recipes

Get a huge list of recipes from around the world. Personalize as per your dog's needs.

Shopping list

Plan meals for weeks and start saving on your grocery shopping list.

Health plans

Intelligent health plans around puppy growth, losing weight, organ care, diabetes care etc.

Exercise logs

Exercise your dog more. Adjust diet. Get recommendations. Set reminders.

Track up to 5 dogs

Track up to 5 dogs in single account and set separate targets for each.

Benefits of homemade dog food

Beef and Carrot Tagine

Fresh food

Fresh, nutritious and healthy food. Feed what you would eat.

Veterinarian with Dog

Better health

Better health to your dogs. Less vet visits. Follow AAFCO or vet recommendations.

Dog Eating Dog Food

Tasty food

Prepare meals which your dog loves. Fresh food is craved by most dogs.

Dog Walker at the Park

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--------- Success stories ---------

Girl with Dogs


Pogo parents wanted to measure his calories intake with the new grain free vet diet they were trying. 



Angel, 4.5 years Golden Retriever was 35 kgs and lost 2 kgs in 3 months. She is now trying new protein rich foods.



Flash 3 year old black Labrador Retriever was switching dog foods frequently but wanted to keep calories intake consistent.

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