We are on a mission

to make every dog healthy & happy


Make your dog fit

Track calories

Keeping log of all calories intake for your dog helps you understand the pattern, adjust it as per weight targets. 

Personalize fitness plan

Choose from listed plans or set your own weight targets for your dog. Get calories & exercise target as per chosen target.

Use A.I. to get fit

We use artificial intelligence edge technology to calculate Body Condition Score of your dog. 

Stay motivated

Share your dog's progress with friends and stay motivated. Analyse progress and modify targets.

Track up to 5 dogs

Track up to 5 dogs in single account and set separate targets for each.

Benefits of UnoDogs fitness app

A fitter dog

Lose weight. Gain weight. Get your dog in ideal weight range. 

Less vet visits

Healthy dog means less vet visits i.e. savings and less trauma for your dog

Easy tracking

Extensive dog food and treats database. Easy to add & put on auto update.

Dog Walker at the Park

Get started on mobile

Free! App with 7 day free trial for premium features


--------- Success stories ---------

Girl with Dogs


Pogo parents wanted to measure his calories intake with the new grain free vet diet they were trying. 



Angel, 4.5 years Golden Retriever was 35 kgs and lost 2 kgs in 3 months. She is now trying new protein rich foods.



Flash 3 year old black Labrador Retriever was switching dog foods frequently but wanted to keep calories intake consistent.