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Purpose of UnoDogs

UnoDogs started in June 2020 when the whole world was struggling with one in a century pandemic. In 2020, we saw suffering and uprisings. We saw wars and leadership. We saw change in politics and global sentiments. The whole year was like a roller coaster ride.

But all of this presented an opportunity to the human race. We got time to introspect on our deeds. We also took advantage of this opportunity and decided to start on a venture which promotes right values for all of us.

We are technology geeks working in high-tech industries like 5G, Cloud and AI/ML. And we also love dogs. We thought to use technology to benefit our furry friends.

Our Purpose:

We want all dogs to be healthy and happy and we want to do it by empowering their dog parents.

Why we focus on human parents rather than dogs?

Dogs are like 3 year old kids and they remain like that for their whole life. Like 3 years old, they are dependent on their parents for everything, from food to fun. Now if they behave wrong or have un-healthy lifestyle and feeding habits, it is us - 'the dog parents' who should be blamed.

In order to analyse the above hypothesis, we studied hundreds of research papers and real life initiatives which dog parents take to keep their dogs healthy and happy. We found that majority of the health and happiness problems our dogs face are due to our bad habits. Our unhealthy lifestyle reflects on our dogs in some way. Also, majority of the initiatives dog parents take like weight loss for their dogs, die without any results because they are tough and needs change in our habits.

So, healthy and happy dog means we the dog parents practicing healthy habits.

Now, we approach the problem with same school of thought. We see our dog health plans as new habits which we and our dogs are aiming to develop.

To nail the right habit forming model, we follow the 3 gurus (thought leaders) who champion the skill of building habits.

#2: Nir Eyal, and,

They are thought leaders in the space of human behaviour psychology, which we apply to change human habits for better.

Here is what we do:

We make it easy for you to develop right habits which will ensure good health and all happiness for your doggo.

A. We prepare a detailed plan for each health plan we suggest. For eg, 'Weight Loss' program for dogs. We do a detailed research based on published research papers, numerous articles and views of dog experts. Once we have a detailed plan we get it vetted from an expert panel of veterinarians.

B. After we finalize our detailed plan. We break the whole plan into small habits. These habits are easy to build and are interesting. They are guided by scientific studies, real motivation and easy actions.

Here is the habit framework we use which is influenced by above mentioned three authors.

STEP 1: Set goals and reminders

Set the next goal and right reminders so you do the micro assignment at right time and place.

STEP 2: Make the action easy and doable

The action has to be super easy and very doable. The action should lead to the next step and should be 'just challenging enough'.

STEP 3: Provide right motivation for the action

Provide right amount of motivation so the action can be performed and it is enjoyable.

STEP 4: Complete the task and get instructions for the next one

This is when you get ready for the next assignment. Another interesting task towards the end goal.

We use right set of information to keep you well informed and motivated. For that we make use of real time analytics and machine learning algorithms to make sense of data.

You can experience all of this in action in our mobile application (new version) soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the version 1 of our mobile application. :)

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