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Dogs on a Bench

Track. Improve. Repeat.

We empower you with information you need to keep your dog healthy and happy

How it works?

dog food

Set your goals

Personalise your dog's goal after initial health analysis. Choose among given plans or set own targets.

Mobile Phone

Track nutrition

Track calories and nutrition details of each meal you prepare. Plan for weeks.

Farm Dog


Our app gives you recommendations on how to prepare the homemade meals.

UnoDogs AI report

Analyze current meals

Get the state of nutrition and calorie details of what you are currently feeding to your dog. Get recommendations on how you can make the meals more nutritious, fresh and tasty.

Benchmark current health status of you dog and set targets accordingly.

Plan & prepare meals

Plan and prepare meals for day(s) or week(s). Get weekly statistics on the nutrition and calorie intake. Compare nutrition intake as per AAFCO or your vet's recommendations. Make changes to the meal plan.


Personalize goals for all dogs

Choose from our machine learning backed pre-configured intelligent plans or set your own weight & exercise goals. 

Share progress & stay motivated

Share progress with friends and family. Stay motivated with weekly and monthly progress. Use our super easy and great sharing reports to show the world - how good your dog is.


Onboard up to 5 dogs

On board up to 5 dogs and set their separate personalized goals. Monitor progress for each dog separately.

Coming soon! Android and iOS app

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