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Track. Improve. Repeat.

We empower you with information you need to keep your dog healthy and happy

How it works?

Set your goals

Personalise your dog's goal after initial health analysis. Choose among given plans or set own targets.

Track calories

Log calories and exercise details and follow the target given to your dog

Lose/ Gain weight

Lose or gain weight. Track puppy growth. Care for senior dog. Or just improve fitness.

Get current fitness score

Get the state of current fitness of your dog with help of your machine learning (ML) backed methods. Get to know the ideal weight range for your dog, body condition score, ideal calories intake and exercise.

Log calories, exercise & health

Log calories intake (all meals & treats), daily exercise (walks, run etc.), water intake and sleep, health and behaviour issues.

Keep daily diary to meet goals.

Personalize goals for all dogs

Choose from our machine learning backed pre-configured intelligent plans or set your own weight & exercise goals. 

Share progress & stay motivated

Share progress with friends and family. Stay motivated with weekly and monthly progress. Use our super easy and great sharing reports to show the world - how good your dog is.

Onboard up to 5 dogs

On board up to 5 dogs and set their separate personalized goals. Monitor progress for each dog separately.

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